• 5 source hostnames
  • One-click HTTPS
  • HTTP Shield
  • Chat & email support

USD 79/mo


  • 100 source hostnames
  • One-click HTTPS
  • HTTP Shield
  • WeChat & phone support

USD 1,149/mo

Answers to your questions

What counts as a source hostname?

A source hostname is a unique hostname for which an SSL certificate is installed. For instance, “” is a hostname, and “” is also a hostname.

Is the Free plan for me?

No free plan avaliable for now.

Can I try out one of the paid plans?

Of course! We believe the product should speak for itself. We offer a free trial period for the Pro plan and up. Please contact us at [email protected] to activate a 3-day proof-of-concept (POC) period for your account.

Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime I want?

No problem! Upgrades and downgrades will take effect immediately and will be charged pro-rata.

What currency will I be charged in?


Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

You can contact us to get long-term subscription discounts (over 20% off).

Will I receive an invoice after payment?

Yes. You will receive an invoice via email and can find it at anytime in the billing tab.

What if I have more source hostnames than the available plans?

We can definitely help out. Please contect support for this.

Do you provide discounts for charities or non-profits?

Of course! We provide a discount for charities and non-profits. Contact us for more info.

Where can I find more information about the Enterprise plan?

You can find more info on our Enterprise page or by reaching out via supp[email protected]. Happy to help fit Redir Cloud to your needs.